Bad Winter

April 15th, 2012

Hi all  I know it has been a long time since I wrote an entry.  This winter was not very good for sledding at all so between that and going back to work I did not get out sledding at all this winter.  I did do a demo for the Boy scouts but that was it.  The rosebudrun in Didsbury also had to be canceled for the lack of winter. We lost Duncan in March so it has been sad.  Next winter Fiona will be old enough so hopefully I should still have a good team.  Hope you all have a good summer and hope for more snow and cold for next winter.


Dog Sledding and Skijoring Clinic

February 12th, 2011

Did a clinic for beginers which was very succesful.  Had about 27 people there and a lot of dogs.  we did 3km with a passenger.  total distance this season 300km

Go girl demo

February 11th, 2011

Did a demo  to 20+ grade 7-9 girls from the Disbury, Cremona and Cairstars school.  Dogs ended up doing about 15 short little runs with the girls.  Dogs did very well but the last couple they were starting to let me kow they were getting bored.  did about 2km

Canal run

February 8th, 2011

There was 1 quad that had gone down the canal since the new snow.  Dogs needed encouragment at begining and then everyone started working.  did 10km

Canal Run

February 7th, 2011

There was a lot of new snow and no tracks had been set so this was a harder run.  did 9km. Dogs needed a lot of encouragment.

Little Red Deer River

February 6th, 2011

WOW  what a run.  Went with a friend of mine he has 2 samoyeds and was going to skijor while I sledded.  Right at the begining of the run he broke one of his skis so we decided to add his 2 dogs to the team and he would ride in the sled.  Well we did 10km and the dogs pulled very well and did not slow down.  I think the change in diet is starting to pay off the dogs seem to have more energy.  Also it was a trail they have not run before.   the trail was icy but lots of snowmobiles had been down the river so it was nice and hard.   Emmy and Cajun lead most of the way but did swap around with daves 2 dogs running to gether and with my dogs.   Emmy and Cajun were still the best team but Emmy and Nakoda did quite well as well.   Nakiska and Cajun are built very similarly so ran well together.

It was great fun

Canal Run

February 2nd, 2011

Did the Canal again but went the opposite direction.  Had to break a fair bit of trail as the snow moblile kept going up and down the bank on either side of the canal.  Emmy and Cajun did a good job of following the track when they could but  keeping to the canal and not trying to go up the bank.   Because of the depth of the snow and hard sloggin we did 9km.  Had a big problem with snow balls in the paws again so had to stop a couple of times to clean them up.   Whish it was quicker to bootie up the dogs :)   Supposed to get warm for the next few days so will not be sledding but the weekend looks cooler.

Canal Run

February 1st, 2011

First run after the race. The trail had a lot of new snow on it but a quad had gone up and down and we were able to follow the tracks.  Started off with a bit of problems as the lead dogs were trying to run in the same tire track and there was no room  I disconected their neck lines and then things started to work much better and they were able to each take a tire track.  Did the full 10km and did fairly well. 

Rosebud Run

January 29th, 2011

Well we had a great time at the Rosebud run.   Had about 6 inches of new snow on Saturday and probably another 1.5 inches for Sunday.  Trail was in great shape but a bit heavy from the new snow.  Had problems with snowballs in the pads on Saturday so bootied up the dogs on Sunday.  Dogs did not do as well as I was hoping but I think it was because I had overtrained at the site and the Dogs were bored with the trail.  Next year will not train there very often and only do the 4 mile so when the dogs are there they will think that it is a shorter trail.  We did get a lot of attention and the people there are great.  Had a great time and will go again next year.  That add another 20 KM to our total for the season.

Canal Run

January 25th, 2011

With the temperature increasing this will probalby be the last run before the race on Sat-Sun  More bare pathway and snow is getting very icy and hard.  Dogs did well. Working with Cajun did about half way through she started getting lazy and not running out front so put her in dog bag. she stayed there for a bit then stuck her back out front  ran well for rest of run.  We will have to see how things go on |Sat.  Did 10km bringing total to 226km.